Monday, April 30

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Hello lovelies! It's been a while but I have another mascara review! This is a HG mascara for a lot of girls, much like the Kiss Me Heroine Long&Curl (herein referred to as KMH).
Packaging with the ever-so-beautiful Tsubasa Masuwaka
The information on the back tells you the formula coats your lashes with fibres
A very cute and girly tubing (totally not my style)
A pretty standard wand

My lashes were not curled in these photos.
One coat comparison.

Two coats comparison.

Not curled vs. Curled

  • Separates quite well with one coat
  • Great length, even at one coat
  • Decent thickening effect at one coat, even better at two
  • Holds curl
  • Holds up against cold water but comes off easily with warm/hot water
  • Flakes with eyedrops
  • Easier to remove with warm water than oil-based remover, which is at times inconvenient
  • Formula is goopy wet (In light of a comment, I felt the need to rephrase this. This might be a little more accurate)
  • Large wand is difficult to reach into the corners of the eye
Rating: 4.8/5 - Despite the cons, I absolutely love the results I get with this mascara, more so than the KMH. I would definitely repurchase but not any time soon as it is pricier than the KMH (~$20 vs. ~$11). I do recommend this for people with short lashes but be careful not to get it all over your skin!

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